Departure Clean

This service is a spot cleaning of the areas that you request. Our charges are based on an hourly rate so you only pay for what you need. Normal areas cleaned are the nose back to windscreen, wing leading edges, top of both wings, bottom of flaps, engine inlets, gear areas, wheels and exterior windows.

Complete Exterior Wipe Down

With this service, TFD performs a dry wash instead of a wet wash due to the current EPA restrictions regarding water disposal. All of the exterior painted surfaces will be cleaned by an approved dry wash removing all bugs, grease, exhaust stains, and oil. Also, all windows are cleaned with an approved window cleaner. Additionally and if applicable, bright work and all de-ice boots will be wiped down as well.


This service is the ultimate protection for your aircrafts paint finish. This is a nano crystalline coating of 2-3 microns thick with an ultra-hard (9H) durable coating that will leave a rich deep gloss unrivaled. Platinum Ceramic Coating will provide for ease of cleanings, prolong the life of the paint, lowers drag and fuel costs, reduces debris build up, and protects against the harsh UV rays. No additional paint protection is needed!

We highly recommend your paint finish to be free from all debris, staining and oxidation. This service will seal anything left onto the paint surface. The first step is to complete any paint restoration work, followed by cleaning and prepping the paint with (Step #1 - Platinum Pre-Wash).  The cleaning, Step #1, solution prepares the paint surface to bond with the Platinum Ceramic Coating in a molecular manner, while removing any oil, lint or debris on the surface. Step #2 needs to be applied by only trained professionals, so the coating goes on thoroughly and evenly. Making sure the surface is completely covered. Once the product has flashed and been buffed off evenly, the surface is now flattened and protected.

TFS Titanium Paint Sealant Protection

This service is our most effective way of protecting your aircrafts paint. We highly recommend your paint surface be free from all debris, staining and oxidation. Our sealant is an approved aviation acrylic polymer blend solution that bonds to the paint on a molecular level. Our application process is a two-step process. The first step is cleaning the painted surfaces with a solution that preps the surface for the application of our rich blend of polymers applied by orbitals. This process allows the protectant to go down into the paint pores and chemically bond. This process is unlike a wax topical application where the wax just sits on top of the surface. Once applied, you are left with a glass like shield. The deep rich finish produces a longer lasting shine that is smooth to the touch. The process makes routine cleanings mush easier, and extends the life and appearance of your paint.

Aviation Grade Wax

A wax application is best done right after a complete exterior wipe down. For best results, you want the painted surfaces to be free from all debris and oxidation. If there is oxidation, you may want to have TFD buff the surfaces with a compound prior to applying. We apply the wax with orbitals and then buff off the wax with micro fiber towels. This is a great way of keeping the aircraft’s paint from fading, dulling, and extending your paint life. Wax application is good for about 3 to 6 months*. If you are looking for a longer protection, consider TFD’s Titanium Paint Sealant Protection.

*Depending on hours flown, is aircraft kept in a hangar and how and what's it cleaned with.

Prep and Seal De-Ice Boots

The process begins with removing the old sealant from previous treatments, and applying an approved pneumatic de-ice boot sealant. (BF Goodrich or PBS). This process is done to all of the boots. This is critical to extending the life of the de-ice boot, and adds to the safety of the boots on your aircraft. We also recommend applying BF Goodrich Age Master at least once a year to your boot.


It’s highly recommended by the manufacture of the de-ice boot to be applied at least once a year. Application of Age Master is after removing the old sealant from the boot, which is step one of the Prep and Seal list above. This is not a sealant, so we would seal the boots after. This service will help extend the life of de-ice boots, cut maintenance costs, and slow deterioration and aging of each boot.

Polishing Bright Work

A professional polished leading edge is the first thing noticed by most travelers on a corporate aircraft and that is why we take so much pride in it. This service involves several steps in removing oxidation and other imperfections that the bright work is exposed to. We will buff and polish the metal to a mirror like finish using high-speed buffers, orbitals and drum buffers.


Our paint protection products TFS Patinum and Titanium excels and out performs its competition. Our formulations protect against harsh contaminants and UV rays... FIND OUT MORE

Our paint protection products TFS Patinum and Titanium excels and out performs its competition. Our formulations protect against harsh contaminants and UV rays...FIND OUT MORE